Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne

Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne

Rating 4/5

*I purchased this book for myself.

With Christmas so close, this felt like the perfect time to finally curl up with Snowed In, a book I have wanted to read for a while but somehow never managed to get around to.

It is a short novel but the main characters do not lack depth, a small island covered in snow sets the scene for this cosy winter read. Filled with teenage dramas so many readers may be very familiar with, Rachel Hawthorne clearly knows her topic well.

It is well written and the plot was interesting, there were points I was surprised by the plot choices however by the end everything fell into place. The main character Ashleigh is well rounded, and without giving too much away, her past experiences present an important view point on the relationships developing within the book.

If you are looking for a short young adult contemporary wintery read then I definitely recommend this book. I am looking forward to reading other books by Rachel Hawthorne.

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