Book Review: Hazards of Love Vol 1 by Stan Stanley

Book Review: Hazards of Love Vol 1 by Stan Stanley

*I received an ebook copy of this graphic novel for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Hazards of Love follows the story of a queer teen from Queens who makes some mistakes, gets dragged into a fantastical place, and tries to hustle their way back home.”

Rating: 5/5.

This beautifully illustrated graphic novel follows Amparo as he navigates the horrifying and vivid place known as Bright World to try and find his way home, following an unfortunate encounter with a not so friendly cat.

I really enjoyed this graphic novel, it was unique, gripping from start to finish, and answered just the right amount of questions to keep readers waiting for more without feeling sold short. The author included relatable characters, even if they were in some unrelatable, yet entertaining, situations. Every character was distinct, the words and images bring them to life making me feel connected to someone I had never met. The plot was full of twists that keep you guessing and wanting more, the narrative was easy to follow, the storyline flowed from page to page merging seamlessly with the imagery that helped bring it to life.