August Reads

August Reads

Check out my August reads below, ranked highest to lowest rating:

The Girl from Galloway by Anne Doughty

Rating: 5/5.

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It’s 1845, in County Donegal, Ireland and one day Hannah McGinley’s daughter comes home disheartened that her school may have to close as one of the teachers is moving away. Despite her busy schedule, Hannah steps up, but times are tough and can she support her family and the school?

This was my favourite read this month, it was beautifully written and filled me with the sense of nostalgia I constantly search for within the pages of novels. Strength and determination underpin every chapter, as we watch this family, this community fight to not only survive but to thrive.


The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.

Rating: 5/5.


The Rest of Us Just Live Here asks readers the question, “what if you aren’t the chosen one?”. It follows Mikey a normative kid about to graduate highschool who’s trying to muster up the courage to ask out his friend Hanna.

I loved this book, it was a very close second favourite of the month. Some people get drawn in by book covers, but I am by titles. “The Rest of Us Just Live Here” rolls of the tongue, it speaks to readers or at least to me. I haven’t read anything like this before, it explores the narrative of  fighting the bad guys, but from the eyes of bystanders.


Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Rating: 3.5/5.

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Little Women follows sisters, Meg, Jo and Beth taking the reader on a journey of their lives, those in it and where it leads them.

This is a novel that I have been meaning to read for a while, I had high expectations of it and whilst it was not a bad book, it was amazingly written and Alcott brought the characters to life, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.


The Market Square by Miss Read.

Rating: 3/5.

The Market Square (The Caxley Chronicles, #1) by Miss ReadThe Market Square gives readers an insight into the history Caxley and the lives of those who live there. Caxley is a market town close to Fairacre where Miss Read’s Fairacre novels are set. It is also often referenced within her Fairacre novels as a place the people there travel to occasionally.

I really enjoyed the novels I have read so far by Miss Read so was excited when I saw this pop up on my local online library. It was well written but for me didn’t have the spark of the Fairacre series.


Heavily Meditated by Caitlin Cady.

Rating: 2/5.

48848535. sx318 This is a book about Meditation, from the perception of Cady. I personally have been meditating for four years now, so I like to think I know a bit about it, but still you can never know too much.

What first interested me about this was the idea it was a beginers guide, a way to help introduce more people to meditation, which is amazing. If you have never tried meditation I would recommend giving it a go, it’s not for everyone but if it works for you it can bring meaningful peace and change into your life.

I personally didn’t enjoy this book, it does provide some infomatiom but I found it felt empty, the book lacked substance for me. I don’t dislike Cady’s writing style and I did enjoy hearing about how meditation has enriched her life. Overall this just didn’t resonate with me, and that’s okay, it’s not a bad book, it just wasn’t for me.


My favorite “cosy” reads.

My favorite “cosy” reads.

To begin with, I’m back! I have been away for a while but I am super excited to be back in the book blogging community. Lockdown here in England has given me a chance to reflect and spend more time reading. I love reading, it has always been such a big part of my life, I haven’t had much of a chance to really sit down and enjoy a good book for a while. It’s such a good feeling to be able to make time for myself and immerse myself in a good novel.

Here are my favourite “cosy” reads that I always reach for when I need a hug in book form:

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.  

8127I adore this book series, it has that cosy feel-good vibe that always makes me feel at home. Anne is so free-spirited she reminds me of myself growing up. Green Gables will always have a special place in my heart. Some of these books are also in the public domain and can be picked up in ebook format from many online retailers, I highly recommend Librivox to anyone who enjoys audiobooks, they have a great selection of public domain novels you can listen to. 



Village School by Miss Read. 

611240. sy475 Although I have only recently had the pleasure of discovering this author and book series, this novel was published in 1955. It has all of that small village vibe I can’t get enough of, I blame Stardew Valley for my love of all things quaint, and if you haven’t played the game yet you should definitely check it out. This novel follows Miss Read’s experiences working as a schoolmistress, you get to watch the village change and grow, with all the adorable mishaps along the way, and not all by the school children!


When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke.

389827Has anyone else been watching the Hallmark show When Call’s the Heart? If so this book was the inspiration for it, although I must confess the two are not very alike. However, this novel is still enjoyable and I loved that it gave me a different perspective on the story too. This is similar to the last in that it follows Elizabeth who takes a teaching position on the Candian frontier.



The Woman of the House by Alice Taylor.

1598508This novel is set in a rural area in Ireland, and the lives of those within it. A lot of this novel focuses on Mossgrove farm, and how far the characters will go to keep that land in the family after it gets put up for sale. I have always been fascinated with farm life, there’s a real sense of hard work and drive to it that I find inspiring, the idea of working the land to be able to grow food for those around you has always appealed to me. Although I am sure there are many hardships farmers faced that made it feel less than ideal to them at times, in particular before modern farming machinery.

Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery. 

3562. sy475 I’m finishing this list off with another of my favourites from L.M. Montgomery. This novel has similarities with Anne of Green Gables, it follows orphan Emily who moves to New Moon to live with her mother’s family. It’s a real heartwarming tale of growing up, grief, love and self-discovery.




I hope you can discover some heartwarming cosy tales from the ones I have suggested here, I am always looking for recommendations and would love to know what your favourite cosy reads are, feel free to drop them in the comments.

Until next time, stay safe and happy reading!






The Story Girl by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Story Girl by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Rating: 4/5

Bev King and his younger brother Felix travel to Carlisle for the summer, there they meet Sara Stanley, the Story Girl. At just fourteen Sara has already mastered how to tell enchanting stories, captivating both children and adults. Join Bev, Felix, and friends as they embark on an unforgettable summer, filled with memories, and of course stories, they will never forget.

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