Book Review: The Taste of Apple Seeds by Katharina Hagena

Book Review: The Taste of Apple Seeds by Katharina Hagena


Rating: 3/5.

When Iris assumes her grandmothers home in the country, an unexpected inheritance, it brings back a lifetime of memories. Unsure whether to keep the home or sell it she decides to visit the house, staying for a week to make her decision. The move is bittersweet and Iris finds herself torn between forgetting and remembering, with a chance encounter with a childhood friend leaving her wondering if they could become more.

The Taste of Apple Seeds is Hagena’s debut novel and bestseller. Although I actually had not heard of this novel before, when I noticed it on my local libraries app I was initially captured by the cover and the feelings of autumn and warmth it conquered up for me. I greatly enjoy novels that have a historical element, even if it is more recent history, anything that hints at nostalgia is an instant to-read in my mind. Hagena utilised creative imagery to bring her story to life, although I did find myself feeling a bit lost in the plot from time to time, and I did not particularly relate to the main character Iris, who was written in such a way to make her appear larger than life but to me, that left her feeling unrealistic.

Overall I enjoyed reading this novel, I didn’t feel much of a connection to the characters, but that’s not always necessary for me to enjoy a book. I am rating it three stars because although I think this is a good overall novel, it was missing something for me.


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