Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

Rating: 5/5.

When Mila’s best friend Riley dies suddenly, she refuses to believe she took her own life, but dying shortly after two other girls from the academy are found dead it seems everyone thinks it was a suicide pact. So Mila does the only think possible in this situation, she calls on her witchcraft knowledge, a craft herself and Riley used to enjoy, to bring Riley back to life. Things don’t go exactly as planned, but she doesn’t let that get in the way, can she discover their true killer before it’s too late?

First off I loved our main character Mila, she is unrelenting in her quest for what is right, and goes as far as need be to uncover the truth. She is Mexican and owns the fact she is fat, a word she finds empowering, and something I agree with. Body confidence is one of the strongest acts of rebellion in a world where we are taught to hate how we look. I hope readers will find someone to relate to in her.

As the story goes on we get to learn more about the three girls who lost their lives, and ultimately how their lives ended. We get to see a side to so called “mean girls” that isn’t often shown, and that brings depth to the characters, as well as awareness of the impact our actions and words can make.

It was really well written, well paced and I could not put it down! I got this as a gift at Christmas and I wish I had read it sooner. It was interested to read more about Wicca, although bringing people back from the dead is certainty on the what not to do list. But hey, if Mila hadn’t bended the rules a little we would not of had such an interesting story.

Overall this was an excellent book, I don’t always tend to go for fantasy novels but I will definitely be checking out the fantasy section a lot more often from now on.

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