Torn by Cat Clarke

Torn by Cat Clarke

Rating: 3/5.

“She wasn’t supposed to die”

Alice King is part of a cruel prank, meant to teach Tara a lesson, but it goes terribly wrong. Intending to give Tara a fright, as revenge for the way she has treated others, they end up doing something far more sinister. But now Alice must find a way to live with their secret, but can she?

Plagued with unbearable guilt I read on as Alice tried to live with what she had been a part of. I didn’t find Alice particularly likeable, in fact there were many things I found very unrealistic about how the plot developed. Yet I was pleasantly surprised by how it all turned out in the end, it did feel real. Although, for me, more of a conclusion or perhaps an epilogue would of really added to this novel.

The novel was well written, it flowed well but I would have liked to have learned more about some of the other characters. Alice wasn’t in it alone and her struggles were so very clear, and although the her friends and culprits feelings are mentioned throughout this novel and highlighted by events that take place within it, I would have liked the focus to have shifted somewhat from our main character at times. This I feel would have made the novel more immersive to me. I started reading this and then stopped only to pick it up later on, it was only towards the end that it really grabbed my attention.

Overall this was an okay novel, and although this one wasn’t one of my favourites I do like Cat Clarke’s writing style and will certainly be reading other works by her. I would recommend this novel to fans of YA thrillers with romance thrown into the mix.


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