Valentine’s Day at the Café at the End of the Pier by Helen Rolfe.

Valentine’s Day at the Café at the End of the Pier by Helen Rolfe.

*I purchased this novel for myself.

Rating: 5/5

Jo finds herself helping run her grandparents quaint café, at their request of course, and there she learns more and more about the customers who enter. Customers looking for love, and Jo sets herself up to the task of helping them find it, never having found love herself she wishes for one as true and ideal as the love her grandparents share, could love be closer than she thinks?

I was looking for a short novel to enjoy on my lunch break and this one fit the bill perfectly, it was a lovely opener to this series and it certainly made me want to read more. When I purchased it this short story was available for free, a great way to get a feel for a new series and a great chance to try something different.

I got a glimpse into the world of this family, of their struggles and dreams, worries and of the joy they share. It was an idealistic novel, the idea of escaping to a small town and working beside the sea appeals to many of us I’m sure, and for a moment I got to live that fantasy. All the characters are lovable and relatable, watching Jo learn the tricks of the trade brought back warm memories of my own first time working in a Café, coincidentally one also by the sea.

Overall this short novel was a taster of things to come, and like any good taster should it left me wanting for more. If you are looking for a new series to read then give this short novel a go!

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