Your Turn to Die by Sue Wallman

Your Turn to Die by Sue Wallman

*I purchased this book for myself.

Rating: 5/5.

It’s New Year, the time three families gather together, for a time of celebration or so they plan. But this year somethings different a dark secret has been unearthed, and that secret will change everything. As Lee digs deep trying to uncover the truth she risks her life, in ways she couldn’t foresee.

I was really looking forward to reading this book, so far I have loved every book Sue Wallman has written and this was no exception. It took me a little while to get into this novel but once I was sucked in there was no turning back, I finished the majority of this book in once sitting. The biggest plus for me was the ending, I didn’t expect it at all and that is what solidified my 5/5 rating.

I liked most of the main characters, they all had their own personalities that shined through. Each adding to the plot and building up emotion throughout the novel, even Tatum started to grow on me towards the end.

Once you get into the book the plot is well paced, with good attention to detail. Wallman is brilliant at adding atmosphere and tension, something I’m sure is a big reason her readers keep coming back for more. I often read books the once, but there’s something about these novels that I keep coming back to. Although not as powerful as the first read the novels definitely endure for me, and this one will have a prime space on my bookshelf.

Overall I loved this book, I will be buying all future works by this author with no reservations. I recommend this novel for fans of YA Thrillers, with a twist.


3 thoughts on “Your Turn to Die by Sue Wallman

  1. Ohh dear! It’s really hard to find a thriller that pleases you with the ending!! Have to read it 😍😍😍


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